The primary traditional sweet made on Crete and at our workshop with Kaiti Roukounaki-Pisimisi's enthusiasm and incomparable skill. The exceptional recipe which has its roots in our family tradition, in combination with the use of the purest ingredients, has made consumers regard "Kaiti's" hand-made xerotigana as the "genuine" Cretan xerotigana. This is the reason why we are honoured and delighted to see "Kaiti's" xerotigana having a steady place on the Greek market ever since 1985 and now, going beyond the borders of Crete and Greece, claiming a considerable share on international markets. In addition, xerotigana are suitable for fasting periods, as they are not made with eggs and "Kaiti's" special recipe makes them absolutely delicious, crispy and fluffy. They do not need to be refrigerated and can be preserved for a long time (up to 3 months). Ingredients: All ingredients used for the preparation of the sweets at our workshop are 100% natural and of excellent quality. For our hand-made xerotigana, we use wheat flour, thyme honey, fresh orange juice, virgin Cretan olive oil, raki, sugar, sunflower oil and sesame.






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